SmartOCR is an Artificial Intelligence solution to recognize characters in documents (printed or handwritten text) from image data, scanned documents, photos,… SmartOCR supports 2 languages: Vietnamese and Japanese with high accuracy. SmartOCR has many advantages compared to current competitors in the market.

– Artificial Intelligence platforms: Developed using Artificial Intelligence platform (Deep learning), SmartOCR gives high accuracy even when input data is captured in various conditions.

– Support various types of text: Japanese, number, alphabet, be ready to support Vietnamese handwritten and printed text.

– Easy integration in system: SmartOCR can be provided by three options: API, SDK, Cloud service.

– Can be apply in a lot of fields: Human identification, banking & financial operation, customer service, digitalize documents…


SmartRPA (Robotics Process Automation) is a tool designed for business task automation, offering cost optimization and productivity enhancemen for enterprises. Applications of smartRPA in some business tasks for enterprises:

-Customer service: Verify e-signatures,, verify automatic approvals and rejections,…

-Marketing: Draw information on prospects of competitors, validate or update customers’ existing information automatically,…

-Human resources: Draw CVs from website, keep track of employees’ on-boarding and off-boarding,…

-Sales: Verify new entrants to the market, track events, campaigns, and message of competitors, give insights of existing account activity, manage customer’s information,….

-Supply chain management: Automate order process and payments: monitor inventory levels, tracking shipments,…


SMARTSTORE CameraAI is a solution that helps analyze consumer buying behavior at store. Because of AI technology, it can analyze marketing strategies to boost sales for retail stores. Features of SMARTSTORE CameraAI:

-Counting people solution: Count the number of customers visiting the store by real-time that helps to save manpower and survey time.

-Face Detection: SMARTSTORE CameraAI identifies old and new customers with their age and gender.

-Intuitive dashboard interface: Display data, statistical chart of the number of customers to the store chain with old, new, age and gender attributes

Odoo is a comprehensive, multi-industry business management toolkit that is suitable for various types of businesses: production, distribution, trade, logictics, retail, etc. Odoo which developed by RUNSYTEM have many advantages:

-Compliance with the standards of Vietnam accounting and finance;

-Help businesses operate in a consistent process;

-Optimize business operating costs, save labor maximally;

-Data is synthesized quickly, helping managers to make decisions instantly and accurately.

PISTA is the application to track consumer buying behavior and the attractiveness of products on display at the point of sale. We provide field informations for Marketing by digitizing data and collecting customers behaviors when they are right in front of our product.

-Human sensor function: Implemented human sensor function that can cue content according to human movement.

-Field Tracking: Analytics customer behavior in front of product display shelf: The number of visitors, the gender of visitors, the age of visitors.

-Touch Panel: Use touch panel to optimize contact with people.

-Online: Streaming system on cheap digital signage: Manage materials, create content, set up to play easily with CMS on browser.

-Facematch: Classify age and gender of visitors by camera instantly, classify CM and collect playback logs.

SaleFie is a software solution that helps enterprises control the status of goods on distribution channels, analyze the coverage of goods on the market, manage the performance of staff on the channel effectively. SaleFie’s Benefits: – For Sales Staff: Work easier, save time and increase productivity

– For Sales Team Leader: Manage work schedule and work performance of each staff – For Sales Manager: Manage sales, customers, capture market information, evaluate the performance of sales in a real time

– For Business: Help businesses more easily manage employees, increase the efficiency of sales and help make a reasonable distribution channel strategy

TablePay helps customers order food and beverage quickly and conveniently along with pay without cash. The system can also be based on the spending and preferences of customers to offer appropriate promotions and direct care to target the audience.

Funcitions of Tablepay:

-Chosing drinks/ food: Instead of queuing to order directly at the counter, customers are able to select food or drink on TablePay and wait to be served at the table. Customers can also choose delivery option or reserve at the cafe. -Quickly payment: Without using cash, TablePay offers payment method via the application by putting money into account conveniently.

-Automatic updating promotion: TablePay can analyze the statics based on customers spending and preferences to offer appropriate promotions and direct care to target audience.

Prélude Enterprise is a treasury and capital markets solution developed in Japan that realizes STP of foreign exchange, money market, derivatives, and securities. It enables flexible trade management based on cross assets. Benefits of Prélude Enterprise:

-Improvement of operational efficiency: User-friendly interface improves both of operational efficiency and data accuracy. The platform supports smooth data cooperation among front, middle, and back office.

-Flexible customization, smooth expansion: The framework-based solution is flexible and easier to incorporate client’s unique requirements. Wide coverage of financial instruments and functions will support client to expand their business smoothly.

-Cost effectiveness: The all-in-one solution simplifies system relation diagram. It supports clients to start small and save cost.

SonicDICOM PACS is the software that combines the capabilities of DICOM Server with web-based DICOM Viewer. Users easily can access the system to browse and share images via web browser from any computer with network connection to the system. RUNSYSTEM is a partner deploying SONIC DICOM solution in Vietnam market.

Shift Management is a management tool that allows users to easily create, register, approve and edit shift for employees. Features of Shift Management

-Synchronous management of employee information

-Create employees shift schedules

-Check-in or check-out online using mobile devices

-Extract timesheet and payroll for each employee

-Smart chat feature which helps managers easily contact with staffs

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